221 W. Main Street, Morrison, IL      815- 772- 3757

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    Some businesses require a City of Morrison business license. Please call the Morrison City Clerk at (815) 772-7657 to ask if your business needs one. Examples of businesses that require City licenses are taxi drivers, establishments selling liquor, mobile home parks, solicitors, and more.


    If your business is using an assumed name, a name other than the individual who operates the business, you’ll want to contact the Whiteside County Clerk at (815) 772-5189. The Whiteside County Health Department licenses and regulates some businesses, including food establishments, sewage disposal, tanning facilities, and body art. You can contact the Health Department at (815) 772-7411.


    Where will you locate your business? You’ll want to ensure that your location is properly zoned. You can call the City’s Zoning Administrator (815) 772-7657 to find out, or the County Zoning Administrator at (815) 772-5175, if outside of the Morrison City limits.


    If you’re planning to operate your business out of your home, you’ll need to meet the City’s definition of “home occupation” or “special use” and pay for a permit. The Zoning Administrator (see number above) can help with this question as well.


    A Building Permit is required for all new structures, additions, renovations, structural repair, swimming pools, decks, storage sheds, and fences. Contact the City of Morrison at (815) 772-7657.


    The City’s Historic Preservation Ordinance regulates alteration and or modification of historic properties within the downtown historic district. If you know or suspect that you are working with a historic property, please contact the City of Morrison at (815) 772-7657 for information about historic preservation rules and procedures.


    The City’s outdoor sign ordinance outlines types of signs allowed or prohibited within the City of Morrison. If you are planning to erect a new sign or you plan to change, move, or expand an existing sign, you will need a sign permit.


    If you have any questions or are in doubt, contact the City of Morrison at (815) 772-7657. Permits are available for download on the City of Morrison website. The City of Morrison Code of Ordinances are also available online.


    City of Morrison

    200 W. Main Street

    Morrison, IL 61270


    Whiteside County Clerk

    200 E. Knox Street

    Morrison, IL 61270


    Whiteside County Health Department

    18929 Lincoln Road

    Morrison, IL 61270